The New Normal is a strategic creative studio that works with brands of purpose. 

We are enlightened natives who helped invent eco-chic. Already experts in key categories and consumer truths, we bring a unique ability to think strategically and translate it directly into ideas and execution. After nearly two decades of expertise, we illuminate the opportunities, stories and insights that change or build a business. 

Enlightened natives

Working in the space since 1995, we know our GMOs from our NGOs, kapha from umami. 

Today's target

We are female and high-spending. Moms who act nothing like a sitcom. Millennial and gay.

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Led by Julie Kucinski—aka Julie K—an award-winning creative director and strategist who's worked with ad agencies, boutique firms and companies at all stages to help brands stand up, stand out, get loved and grow. She's a brand savant who can find and midwife powerful opportunities into instantly executable platforms and actions.  She has a Pinterest problem and an unironic love of classic rock. LinkedIn for more details.